ui Na (Pronounced tway-nah) is a form of Asian Bodywork that uses touch to balance the body's energy. Tui Na literally translates as "Tui" meaning push and "Na" meaning grasp. A typical Tui Na session uses various strokes along energy channels, as well as gentle shaking, stretching, and joint movements. This stimulates and releases the flow of energy, which helps balance your physical and emotional systems.

Imbalanced energy can have many causes-fatigue, aging, illness, excess weight, unhealthy lifestyle. Mental and emotional stresses, for example, have an immediate effect on our energy's smooth and uninhibited flow. This restricted flow leads to muscle tension, which further restricts both blood and energy flow. The massaging action of Tui Na unblocks our energy, bringing it to the surface, dispersing it, and restoring a healthy, balanced flow.

The benefits of Tui Na are many. The free-flowing circulatory systems can more effectively maintain our health, creating a feeling of vitality. The muscles relax, and chronic pain is eased. The nervous system shifts into a deeply relaxed state, which promotes self-healing and creates a sense of emotional well-being.

Balancing your energy is the essence of the Balance Flow approach to bodywork. Strange as it may sound, a Tui Na session can actually leave you feeling both relaxed and invigorated-all at the same time. Of course, everyone will experience Tui Na differently. But at the end of a session you'll have an overall sense of what being in balance is like for you. You'll be more in tune with the way you were meant to be. Tui Na's effects are cumulative, and with regular sessions this balanced state becomes the rule rather than the exception.

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